The Eventing & Workflow Platform Built on
Microsoft Azure PaaS

Microsoft brought about a sea change with Azure ‘serverless computing’.                  Still, most businesses operate in an on-premise or client-server reality, keeping them from realizing the value from high-volume, high-velocity data streams. Trynzic bridges this gap with vertical solutions supported by a software platform architected towards Azure PaaS.

Discover the Key Capabilities of Trynzic’s Cloud-Native Architecture

The Trynzic platform houses vertical solutions supported by several subsystems and patterns that in concert succeed in bridging streams of data to enterprise business processes.

Expansive Canonical Data Models

Prior to offering a solution to customers, Trynzic makes significant investments into the depth and breadth of canonical industry data models. While often unseen by users, this aspect of our software offering is key to achieving ongoing business agility and avoiding growing technical debt.

Data Integration Engine

Businesses already have much invested in application integrations and don’t need yet another extract-transform-load (ETL) problem to manage ongoing. The Trynzic platform reduces this to a simple extract (E) problem. The rest is handled by platform features designed to work in concert with with our canonical models.

Rules Engine

To contain TCO, agile businesses know to avoid creating layers upon layers of custom code. The Trynzic platform provides extensive parameterization of the data attributes of the device and process digital twins and exposes these in a robust yet intuitive event designer.

Workflow & Orchestration

We could have stopped where most have with the detection of events within massive data streams. We didn’t. Detected events become cases within the Trynzic platform’s case management system, which in turn contains a workflow engine, workflow designer, and cross-application orchestration engine.

Massively Scalable Eventing

Consider five-minute intervals wherein millions of devices send dozens of data fields that need to be processed by a multitude of condition evaluations. Azure PaaS provides the required horsepower, but without smart software designs things can quickly become very expensive. The Trynzic platform employs a variety of patterns and approaches for data ingestion, data provisioning, and service design to leverage Azure’s scale in the most cost-effective way.

Continuous Innovation

The Trynzic platform sports a single-version SaaS design and a continuous delivery operating model. This translates into many benefits which collectively result in agility for our customers. Gone are long product cycles ending with painful upgrades. All customers immediately benefit from Trynzic’s bi-weekly release of new features. 

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