The System of Systems for 
Smart Utilities

It is time for utilities’ data and business processes to work together. This is the mission of Trynzic for Utilities.

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Pressures to Leverage Real-Time Data are Growing

Utility leaders are starting to recognize the mounting pressures on their business. Electrification, energy transition, distributed energy resources (DER), legislation, supply chain constraints, data silos, changing workforce, and an inflationary economy are putting the spotlight on operational speed and flexibility. Regardless of size, utilities need a pathway to energize their business processes with real-time data without high costs, long software cycles, or the technical debt that comes with custom development.

A New Path to the Smart Grid

“Smart” stems from well-leveraged data, and Trynzic for Utilities makes the Smart Grid achievable by powering the Smart Utility with a ‘system of systems’ that processes high-volume data, in real-time, then intelligently coordinates the resulting business processes of a Smart Utility.

A Generational Leap Forward for Utilities

What is Trynzic for 

Built within the Microsoft Azure cloud, Trynzic for Utilities is a SaaS platform containing many critical subsystems that work in concert: data stream processing, rules engine, industry canonical data model, case management, workflow, workflow designer, and orchestration. This is real power within a package that scales both up and down to any size utility.

How Does it Compare to Existing Systems?

Trynzic for Utilities represents a new paradigm. Matching capabilities cannot be found in analytics software, AMI software, or any software built upon client-server architectures. No other software fully encompasses the convergence between your data and the real-time execution of related business processes.

Trynzic by the Numbers


Faster Handling of Routine Processes


Lower Operating Costs


Platform for All Relevant Grid Data

See What Real-Time Intelligent Processes Look Like

Want a better understanding of what Trynzic for Utilities enables in your organization? Take a look at our use-case one sheeters and videos to see how our software can easily slot right into your organization’s processes.

Meet Trynzic for Utilities

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Ushering in the AMI PLUS Era

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Learn More About the Utility of Tomorrow

Looking for more information about Trynzic? Check out our resources page to find our white papers, case studies and more.

Learn how Huntsville Utilities is implementing the Trynzic for Utilities platform

This case study shows how Trynzic for Utilities is able to help utilities achieve near-term ROI and address grid-related challenges facing the industry today.

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