The Eventing & Workflow Platform Ready for Utilities

Meet Trynzic for Utilities. The flexible, secure, easy to implement platform software for distribution operations that powers
event-driven work with your data streams.

A New Generation of Software for Distribution Operations

There’s a capability gap between the growth of your data and your current software-enabled business processes. Trynzic for Utilities bridges that gap by unlocking the full potential of your data. Trynzic for Utilities' advanced-scale data processing and intuitive experiences help utilities to see anomalies, prioritize resources, diagnose problems, collaborate, and mitigate problems in real-time.

Massively Scalable Eventing

Built upon elastic cloud services, Trynzic for Utilities combs through high-volume, high-velocity data streams and contextualizes them with your enterprise data to give you visibility into current grid conditions.

  • Real-time detection of grid and business events
  • A catalog of out of the box use cases
  • Event prioritization rules
  • Continuous event revalidation
  • Robust detection rules configurability
  • Business activity incorporation using line of business 
data within telemetry analysis.

Rapid Situational Assessment Via Single Pane of Glass

When an event is detected, Trynzic for Utilities provides a drill-into user experience dedicated to event diagnosis and decision-making.

  • Intuitive and customizable event console views
  • Event condition data and current condition data
  • Asset views and asset detail
  • Asset, premise, and account work and event history
  • Bulk event actions
  • Map views

Robust Business
Process Enablement

Trynzic for Utilities is a business process platform with serious capabilities to enable new processes and integrate into existing processes.

  • Workflow engine with workflow designer
  • Auto case resolution
  • Case management system
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Work approvals management
  • Cross-application orchestration (e.g., work orders, 
data changes, investigations)

Distinctive Technology 

Trynzic for Utilities is powered by software technology purpose-built for business models contending with exploding data volumes.

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