The IoT Business Platform Ready for Utilities

Meet Trynzic for Utilities. Flexible, secure, easy to implement distribution operations software that powers real-time event-driven work with the IoT data stream.

A New Generation of Software for Distribution Operations

There’s a capability gap between emerging IoT data streams and your current software-enabled business processes. Trynzic for Utilities bridges that gap by unlocking the full potential of your service delivery. Trynzic for Utilities' advanced-scale data processing and intuitive experience help utilities to see anomalies, prioritize resources, diagnose problems, collaborate, and mitigate problems in real-time.

Real-Time Tap Into IoT Data Stream to Detect Relevant Events

Built upon elastic cloud services, Trynzic for Utilities combs through high-volume, high-velocity data streams to find previously hidden anomalies (events).

  • Real-time detection of grid and business events
  • Industry best practices catalog (pre-built detection scenarios)
  • Event prioritization rules
  • Continuous event revalidation
  • Robust detection rules configurability
  • Business activity incorporation using line of business data within telemetry analysis

Rapid Situational Assessment Via Trynzic for Utilities' Single Pane of Glass

When an event is detected, Trynzic for Utilities categorizes and prioritizes by severity per your unique business rules - giving your team members a full view of what needs immediate attention, and what can wait.

  • Intuitive and customizable event console views
  • Event condition data and current condition data
  • Asset views and asset detail
  • Asset, premise, and account work and event history
  • Bulk event actions
  • Map views

Robust Business Process Enablement

Trynzic for Utilities is a business process platform with serious capabilities to enable new processes and integrate into existing processes.

  • Workflow engine with workflow designer
  • Auto case resolution
  • Case management system
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Work approvals management
  • Cross-application orchestration (e.g., work orders)

IoT/AMI Ready

Trynzic for Utilities holds the key to unlocking the full potential of the IoT data stream. Tap into the endless potential of a data-enabled business and start fulfilling the promise of IoT.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Built on Microsoft Azure, Trynzic for Utilities takes full advantage of all the benefits of cloud-native software. Reduce expense, increase productivity, and scale as needed - all in one solution.

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