Our Investor

Trynzic is backed by The Tokarz Group (TTG), a private merchant bank that is owned and led by Michael T. Tokarz.

About The Tokarz Group

TTG discovers companies that operate behind the scenes, largely unnoticed and underappreciated by the broader market. Guided by avid curiosity and uncommon thinking, TTG has created value in a wide portfolio of investments across many different markets and industries.

A Strong Foundation

Mr. Tokarz has a storied track record of building value across a variety of markets and industries and has served on a multitude of name-brand boards of directors.

Michael and his son Andrew Tokarz, Trynzic's CEO, founded Trynzic in early 2018 and focused first on building the foundations of software product excellence within the Internet of Things. All first-round investment funds went into building the software engineering team and a state-of-the-art SaaS service.

A Partner for the Future  

TTG has committed to continued private investment into Trynzic to power the company's go-to-market efforts and ongoing product development aimed at expanding within energy and opening additional industries.

With Trynzic for Utilities, Tryznic has created a software platform that is purpose-built for newly emerging IoT-within-business use cases. Backed by TTG, Trynzic is starting in energy distribution utilities. From there, only time will tell.

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