Generational Leap for Utilities

Legacy applications limit utilities from seeing value in a growing data asset. In response, utilities have turned to analytics “stacks” as a platform for digital innovation. Now there is a need for platform software dedicated to ‘Sense & Respond’.

From Business as Usual to Data & Process Agility

Utility leaders are experiencing mounting pressures on their business. Electrification, energy transition, distributed energy resources (DER), complex rate structures, legislation, supply chain constraints, data silos, changing workforce, and an inflationary economy are putting the spotlight on operational speed and flexibility. Utilities need a pathway to digital innovation without high costs, long software cycles, or the technical debt that comes with custom development.

From Simple Reporting to Sense & Respond.

Utility data streams are often relegated to historical reporting, telling you what happened yesterday. In contrast, your business processes need to be informed by current grid conditions. Working in concert with your current software applications, Trynzic for Utilities turns many data streams into intelligent workflows.

From Silos to a Whole-of-Data Approach to Digital Transformation

Trynzic has done the hard data management chores for you. Our canonical data model is comprehensive, and our ability to ingest ALL your data is robust, resulting in digital twins of both the grid and the enterprise. When your innovation instincts meet software that embodies these digital twins, the digital transformation your utility needs can finally happen.

The Smart Grid
the Way It Was Meant to Be

Manage your business with digital tools that enable both agility and improving outcomes. Trynzic for Utilities is the uniting software bringing people, data, and workflows together.

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