Introducing AMIplus

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A New Era of Low-voltage Grid Operations

For over a decade utilities have been concluding years-long deployments of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), yet the promised digital transformation has proven elusive. The time for the next era, the AMIplus era, has come. This is the era where the full value of your AMI investment comes to fruition, and the digital transformation in your utility is complete, letting you achieve data convergence and the ability to innovate quickly. To participate in the AMIplus era, utilities must address the software capability gap that exists between your IoT-enabled smart meters and your business processes; between what was promised and what’s currently achievable.

The Challenge of Capturing AMI Value

Solutions sporting client-server architectures, even if cloud-hosted, are proving limited in their ability to provide real-time, high-fidelity observability of the low voltage grid. These limitations leave hard and soft AMI value on the table for distribution utilities. It can be hard to imagine that there is still value left on the table after your AMI deployment project finally ends, but ask yourself these questions about your AMI digital transformation.

  • Is your AMI data stream giving you full real-time, intelligent observability into the low-voltage grid?
  • Are your business processes incorporating real-time observability?
  • Are your innovation cycles burdened by heavy and slow software change?
  • Will your solutions adapt to the next IoT sensors and devices?

The SAAS Platform That Bridges IoT & Traditional Business Processes

Trynzic for Utilities, Trynzic’s IoT platform for utilities brings the power of real-time event detection, enhanced problem diagnosis, and business process automation to low voltage distribution operations – fully enabling them to participate in the AMIplus Era.


Detect & prioritize anomalies within millions of data points in real-time. Leverage AMI & line of business data streams affordably.


Rapidly achieve situational awareness of events within a single pane of glass, enriched with current & historical meter data.


Automate your business processes with workflow designer, case management, collaboration & cross-system orchestration.

Immediate Value Continuous Innovation

To deliver immediate results, Trynzic for Utilities offers a library of best practices immediately applicable toward the identification of common event scenarios. Then, Trynzic for Utilities provides robust change cycle support, allowing for non-destructive testing and iteration supported by the utility’s live data stream.

Trynzic has made the technology investments needed to ensure that customers do not become anchored down by customizations, the multi-version problem, upgrades, or lengthy wait times for new features. To us, critical new features should be realized in weeks, not years.

The path to AMI value realization is transformative. Trynzic’s mission is to enable utilities’ business success by unlocking the full value of the AMIplus Era.