Trynzic To Present at IEEE Tri-Cities Tech Conference

Fargo, North Dakota, USA – August 01, 2022 – Trynzic LLC, an AMI and IoT utilities software company, is pleased to announce that they will be presenting at the upcoming IEEE Tri-Cities Tech Conference in Kennewick, Washington on August 5.

Shaun Rogers to speak at IEEE

Shaun Rogers, Regional Sales Director at Trynzic, will be speaking on the topic of unlocking the full promise of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The session will cover the current state of AMI in today’s utilities. Then the talk will move to the challenges of capturing value from the AMI data stream. Finally, the session will end with a solution that can help bridge the gap and usher in a new era of data-driven business processes.

“We’re excited for Shaun to present at this IEEE event,” said CTO Morgan Korn. “These conferences and speaker sessions are a great way for utility organizations to learn more about the full capabilities of their AMI investment.”

For more information on the event please visit the event page to learn more and register.

About Trynzic

Tynzic bridges the gap between advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and traditional business processes to help utilities providers deliver a completely new kind of service experience. Trynzic’s IoT software platform is used by utility distributors to turn never-ending streams of raw, smart meter data into polished, predictive business workflows. Built on Microsoft Azure, Trynzic’s software platform combines event-driven architecture and serverless computing to give providers an affordable way to process, prioritize and respond to utility issues like outages or equipment failures in real-time.

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