Trynzic To Present at IEEE Miami Tech Conference

Fargo, North Dakota, USA – December 05, 2022 – Trynzic LLC, a software company dedicated to vertical IoT platforms, is pleased to announce that they will be presenting at the upcoming IEEE Miami Tech Conference in Boca Raton, Florida.

Shaun Rogers, Regional Director at Trynzic, will be sharing insights about the current state of real-time intelligent processes in the utility industry, advancing challenges to the status quo (e.g., electrification), and implications to the smart grid. Shaun will cover the challenges of capturing value from the high-volume, high-velocity data – and offer a “system of systems” solution that can prepare utilities to meet future operational challenges.

The event will feature speakers from a variety of disciplines in the utilities industry. Shaun is scheduled to present at 12:55.

“Utility leaders are recognizing that day-old data falls short of realizing the ‘smart grid’.” said CTO Morgan Korn. “These conferences and speaker sessions put on by IEEE are a great way for utility leaders to learn how to converge data with business processes, in real time. We’re excited for Shaun as he continues to share this message with utility leaders across the nation.”

For more information on the event please visit the event page to learn more and register.

About Trynzic

Trynzic builds software that bridges the gap between smart devices and smart business processes. Trynzic for Utilities turns a never-ending stream of raw telemetry into polished, predictive business workflows. Built on Microsoft Azure, Trynzic’s software platform combines event-driven architecture and serverless computing to give providers an affordable way to process, prioritize and respond to a multitude of grid anomalies.

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