The IoT Business Platform Built on Microsoft Azure PaaS

Built on Microsoft Azure, Trynzic for Utilities takes full advantage of secure, cloud-native software, and passes them on to your business. Reduce expense, increase productivity, scale as needed and keep your data secure - all in one solution.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud-Native Architecture

The Microsoft Azure platform provides everything Trynzic for Utilities needs to process your IoT and AMI data streams, detect and prioritize anomalous events, and execute workflows affordably with data security at the forefront.

Reduce TCO with Serverless Computing

Microsoft Azure PaaS eliminates the need and risk of managing on-premise servers, and provides comprehensive IT lift for Trynzic for Utilities.

By maximizing Microsoft's investment into serverless PaaS infrastructure, Trynzic can focus our resources on new feature development and customer service.

Increase Productivity by Reducing Latency

Few things get in the way of productivity more than technology that doesn’t respond when needed.

By using serverless computing, Trynzic for Utilities reduces the latency experienced by users of traditional software. Workloads are served with elastic compute and storage, greatly reducing response time and making users more productive.

Scale to Meet Your Service Demands

With Azure serverless computing, the demands of your workloads determine your infrastructure requirements. As your service demands change, cloud services dynamically scale up or down to match your needs.

Keep Your Data Secure Thanks to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is built upon a strong foundation of data security and privacy. Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, Azure’s team of over 3500 cybersecurity professionals work to protect your data and respond to threats in real-time.

Trynzic for Utilities comes with Azure’s trusted data security reputation built in, so you can create better workflows with minimal risk.

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