AMIplus: Completing Digital Transformation for Utilities

Is AMI living up to your expectations? Probably not. GridOps from Trynzic takes you to AMIplus. Unlock the true potential of your data stream with workflows that improve your service delivery and maximize the return on your metering investment.

AMI Promised Digital Transformation. Now, We're Almost There.

The move to AMI held substantial promise for distribution utilities. Unfortunately, progress usually stops after meter-to-cash processes are stabilized and trend analytics are setup. The sheer amount of data flowing through the smart grid quickly overwhelms legacy systems, leaving early detection of post-substation anomalies as difficult as it was 30 years ago. Failures continue to occur, the last mile of service remains opaque, and regulatory exposure hasn’t gone away.

GridOps changes all that. Our additive software capabilities deliver on the fundamental promise of the smart grid. The GridOps platform changes vast, unusable data streams into immediately actionable information. With AMI alone, a run-to-fail business model remains the norm. GridOps opens the world of AMIplus ... and the entirely new paradigm of Sense, Triage & Act.

Harness AMI Data In Near Real-Time. Affordably.

AMI data is often relegated to historical reporting only due to the cost of real-time data processing. GridOps flattens this cost curve with advanced utility-specific capabilities and a highly-configurable event detection and response engine. Finally, distribution utilities are moving into the 21st Century.

Turn Smart Data into Smarter Business Processes

AMIplus is about turning data into actionable workflows. Sense meter-level anomalies in real time. Triage issues with a single pane of glass into telemetry and LOB data. Act to resolve cases before they cause costly disruptions and truck runs. All thanks to GridOps, from Trynzic.

The Smart Grid 
The Way It Was Meant to Be

Manage your service chain in near real-time. GridOps brings your grid management, employees, and workflows onto one platform and ushers in the era of AMIplus. Run-to-fail is dead. With GridOps, Sense, Triage & Act is here.

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