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High-Volume Data Streams

Emerging business paradigms such as smart grids and smart products need a new generation of software to unlock the value hidden within high-volume, high-velocity data streams.

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The internet of things (IoT), smart devices, connected devices, exploding data volumes, and increasingly ubiquitous connectivity create a world of opportunities for businesses to unlock new revenue and generate efficiencies… if businesses can harness the data!

Don’t Just Measure. 

Orchestration happens when your business processes are responsive to current information. Trynzic’s eventing engine contextualizes high-volume, high-velocity data streams into real-time events. Then our workflow engine orchestrates event responses based upon your business processes.

Azure Foundations. Vertical Solutions.

Legacy business systems provide no support for streaming data. Large scale custom development ends in mountains of technical debt. Thus, streaming data is often relegated to historical reporting. Trynzic extends the Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suite with robust vertical solutions that enable rapid use case deployments and ongoing innovation agility

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Want a better understanding of what Trynzic for Utilities enables in your organization? Take a look at our use-case one sheeters and videos to see how our software can easily slot right into your organization’s processes.

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Ushering in the AMI PLUS Era

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Looking for more information about Trynzic? Check out our resources page to find our white papers, case studies and more.

Learn how Huntsville Utilities is implementing the Trynzic for Utilities platform

This case study shows how Trynzic for Utilities is able to help utilities achieve near-term ROI and address grid-related challenges facing the industry today.

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