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The end of

“run to fail.”

At Trynzic, we see a new generation of service chain solutions that advance the promise of IoT within Utilities.


IoT devices have been sensing and capturing electrical grid data for years without realizing its potential. Our solutions amplify the value from what is connected, to what we enable, accelerating the timetable from data to action. It’s a new, improved way to unleash the “smart” within the grid and turn “run to fail” into real-time service chain management.


Spot and isolate the events that are critical to your business.


Eliminate data “noise” to make decisions and take action in real time.


Isolate and act on the events that matter
to your business in a single experience.

Modern Service
Chain Solutions for Utility Companies

Proactively generate insight from the smart grid and deliver real value to your business and your customers.


the Promise of IoT and Smart Grid Data

Trynzic provides advanced monitoring and control solutions that help you sense, respond and act on the data you care about to improve the way you manage the grid and deliver services beyond the meter.


Next Gen

Trynzic offers a new generation of mission-critical applications for energy grid operators, designed from the ground up with IOT, Machine Learning, and Cloud as first principles.


Service Chain

Envision a future free of software silos where the grid, employees, and customers converge on a unified platform for an advanced, automated service chain.

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